Respect is the UK membership organisation for work with domestic violence perpetrators, male victims and young people

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You can apply to become  a member online: Respect membership application form

Membership categories and benefits

  Specialist Provider

Organisations supporting Respect’s aims and provide:

·         services for domestic violence perpetrators and/or linked services for their partners

·         services to male victims of domestic violence

·         services to young people who use violence and abuse in their families and interpersonal relationships;

·         Training & consultancy & other specialist services for those working with the above client groups



Organisation Supporter

Any other organisation supporting Respect’s aims and wanting to stay informed about our work










Individual Supporter

Individuals supporting Respect’s aims and wanting to stay informed about our work










Monthly e-newsletter yes yes yes
Discounts on Respect Events yes yes yes
Discounted Training places yes yes x
Access to expert advice & support yes yes x
Free job adverts on website yes yes x
Access to exclusive Members’ Area on new website yes x x
Promote work and events on website and in e-newsletter yes x x
Automatic membership to the European Network of Work with Perpetrators (WWP-EN) yes x x
Voting rights at Respect AGM yes yes yes
Opportunity to take part in consultations affecting the sector yes x x
Access to Practice Development Days yes x x
Access to biannual Accredited Members’ Forum (for Fully Accredited organisations) yes x x

*Accreditation Package comes at an additional cost and is reserved for organisations who are ready to go through the accreditation process.

Membership fees

  Income Bands Specialist Provider



Organisation Supporter



  Individual Supporter


1 Up to £100k £120 £120 From £8 p/month
2 £100k – £250k £160 £160
3 £250k – £500k £265 £265
4 £500k – £1m £330 £330
5 £1m – £5m £400 £400
6 £5m+ £1,000 £1,000


Respect members that run DVPPs with integrated support services or who deliver individual work with domestic violence perpetrators are additionally required to:

  • work in accordance with Respect’s Safe Minimum Practice/ Accreditation Standard
  • undertake Respect Safe Minimum Practice assessment within 12 months of becoming members
  • agree to abide by Respect’s Complaints’ Policy.

Only organisations that have been accredited may describe themselves as such and may use our accredited logo. For more information on accreditation, please click here.

Respect reserves the right to refuse or cancel the membership of any member where there is evidence of noncompliance with the requirements of membership.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email, or give Julia a call on 0207 549 0578.

Thank you for being part of our community. Together we form a bigger, louder, united voice in the sector where we can influence positive change with the safety of survivors and children always at the heart of our work.