The RYPP is a programme for families where children or young people aged between 10 and 16 are abusive or violent towards the people close to them, particularly their parents or carers.

The programme avoids blame and works together with both the parents/carers and the young person seeing them all as part of the solution. The programme is designed to enable families to identify negative behaviour patterns and work towards positive outcomes.

The RYPP practitioners provide support, insight and simple solutions to help to improve family relationships via weekly structured sessions and takes about 3 months to complete, longer where there are barriers to engagement

Sessions are varied and use a variety of tools and techniques. Some sessions are with the whole family, some with the parent and some with the young person. The programme reaches its full potential if both the young person and parent(s)/Carer(s) are willing to engage.

What parents are saying about the RYPP 

“The programme helped me to understand my son’s behaviour and gave me more confidence in my parenting” 

“ I found real strength in knowing I was going to see the worker on a regular basis. This increased my self- confidence and my ability to use new strategies to manage volatile situations”

What young people are saying about the RYPP

“… It helped me have a better relationship with my mum”

“… It helped me not to get mad as often…I don’t get mad like I used to and I am happier”

“…  It made my relationship with my mum better, we don’t fall out as often and if we do, it doesn’t last as long” 

 The RYPP and Additional Needs

Increasingly parents and our partners are reporting that children, young people and families require additional support where CAPVA is happening and the young person has additional needs. This may be in families where children have a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) or have significant emotional dysregulation.
Respect are working with our partners Dartington Service Development Lab and City of York Education Psychology team to develop resources and associated training to enhance the RYPP programme to meet the needs of these families. 

All our programmes will be accompanied by a training package and the resources to deliver the interventions.

RYPP is provided by services across England. Find your closest provider here.

Respect is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1141636, in Scotland, number SC051284 and a company, number 7582438. Registered address: Hubhub, 20 Farringdon St, London EC4A 4EN
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