Respect accredits services doing safe, effective work with: 

  • Perpetrators of domestic violence 
  • Male victims of domestic violence 

To achieve accreditation, services working with perpetrators are assessed against the Respect Standard, and those working with male victims must meet the Male Victims’ Standard. Accreditation is valid for three years from the day the external accreditation panel met and decided that a service has met the standards. 

Respect accredits services that are assessed against the Respect Standard or the Male Victims' Standard, not entire organisations that may be delivering other services. A Respect-accredited service should not refer to the entire organisation as accredited.

If you are interested in accreditation for your service, please contact our accreditation team

Services accredited for work with perpetrators

Ahimsa (Devon and Cornwall)

Respect accreditation expires 09/02/2024.

Ahimsa supports perpetrators of abuse to cease their violent and abusive behaviour to become responsible and loving human beings. They also deliver the integrated partner support service, providing in-depth counselling, safety advice, and information on other services. Ahimsa also provides bespoke training to agencies to promote engagement with perpetrators and their families.

Telephone: 01752 213535 Email: [email protected] 

The Change Project - DVPP (Essex, Herts, Norfolk)

Respect accreditation renewal in progress.

The Change Project offers support for perpetrators of domestic abuse in Essex, Hertfordshire & Norfolk.

Telephone: 01245 258680 Email: [email protected]

DViP - Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme (London)

Respect accreditation renewal in progress.

DViP offers a 26-week violence prevention programme with a parallel partner support service.

Telephone: 0207 6339181 Email: [email protected]

EVE - The Evolve Programme (Northamptonshire)

Respect accreditation expires 09/02/2024.

EVE provide 24hr helpline; refuge accommodation for female victims of domestic abuse; the Evolve group, a behaviour change programme for men and a 1:1 programme for women who have used violence and abuse in their intimate relationships and want to make changes in their behaviour. EVE offer support for all partners of participants on the Evolve programme.

Telephone: 0160 4230311 Email: [email protected]

Family Intervention Counselling Service (FICS) - The Change Programme (Warwickshire)

Respect accreditation expires 06/06/2025.

The change programme is suitable for those who want to change their abusive behaviour, to have safer families, to understand what may have led them to use abusive behaviour and to learn strategies to help their specific situation.

Email: [email protected]


FearLess - DVPP (Gloucestershire)

Respect accreditation renewal in progress.

FearLess's DVPP delivers 2 groups per week in Gloucestershire: 1 in Cheltenham for men who live in Gloucestershire and 1 in Gloucester for men who live in Gloucestershire. FearLess also provide Behaviour Change 1 to 1 support for men not suitable for their DVPP, as well as for female perpetrators.

01225 775276 Email: [email protected]

foundation logo

Foundation - +Choices (City of York and North Yorkshire)

Respect accreditation expires 08/11/2025.

Positive Choices is a voluntary service for perpetrators of domestic abuse aged 16 and over, regardless of gender or sexuality, to acknowledge and change their abusive behaviour. Perpetrators can take part in Choices, a 26-week group-based behaviour change intervention, or Respect, a 1-1 behaviour change intervention. The service also provides triage and emergency accommodation, and an integrated support service for victims. Positive Choices provides a service to people in North Yorkshire and the City of York

Foundation is part of the Inspire North group, which provides award-winning support services and accredited training
in areas such as mental health, housing, and domestic abuse across the north of England. 

Telephone: 01904 557491 Email: [email protected]

Glow - DAPP (Staffordshire and Derbyshire)

Respect accreditation expires 06/12/2024.

Glow provide a range of services for adults aimed at promoting healthy relationships. Their prevention services are available for anyone using violence and abuse in their relationship and who wants to change their behaviour. 

Telephone: 07970963276 - 07884430791 Email: [email protected]

Hampton Trust - ADAPT (Hampshire and Isle of Wight)

Respect accreditation expires 08/05/2024.

The Hampton Trust provides a wide range of innovative programmes for families across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. They work with people who wish to change their behaviour within relationships and also those within the criminal justice system. 

Telephone: 02380009898 

Harbour - Domestic Abuse Prevention Service (Hartlepool, Stockton, Middlesbrough and County Durham)

Respect accreditation expires 06/06/2025.

Harbour Domestic Abuse Prevention Service delivers perpetrator work to male and females displaying violence, abuse and/or controlling behaviours towards others. We work across Hartlepool, Stockton, Middlesbrough and County Durham. 

Telephone: 03000 202525 Email: [email protected]

Iceni Ipswich - The Venta Programme (Suffolk)

Respect accreditation expires 20/09/2024.

Iceni Ipswich deliver The Venta Programme in various locations across Suffolk. The programme is for men who currently or historically exhibit behaviours that cause harm to partners. 

Telephone: 01473214006 or 07908575496 Email: [email protected]

The Jenkins Centre - Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme (Leicester)

Respect accreditation renewal in progress.

The Jenkins Centre delivers an accredited 24 session Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme, which is free to Leicester City residents. The Jenkins Centre does offer a service to those residing out of the city and further afield, however this is chargeable. 

Telephone: 0116 2540101 Email: [email protected]

London Borough of Redbridge - Spotlight Programme (London)

Respect accreditation expires 06/06/2025.

The Spotlight Programme is for those who have been abusive and are committed to changing their behaviours. The Spotlight Programme is a safe space where people are supported to develop respectful and non-abusive relationships.

Email: [email protected]

Merseyside Domestic Violence Service logo

Merseyside Domestic Violence Service – MASC (Liverpool)

Respect accreditation expires 08/05/2024.

Males Actively Seeking Change is the only voluntary programme for ‘non-convicted’ and ‘convicted’ male perpetrators of domestic violence in Liverpool and the surrounding areas.

Telephone: 07802722703 Email: [email protected]

MK Act - Fresh Start (Milton Keynes)

Respect accreditation renewal in progress.

Fresh Start offers a structured group work programme, a tailored 1-2-1 service and parenting interventions. All the interventions aim to change behaviour and promote responsibility and accountability. The service is free of charge for those living in Milton Keynes. We take agency and self referrals for out of area clients and this incurs a cost. 

Telephone: 0771 8767974 Email: [email protected]

My CWA - The Lifeline Programme (Cheshire)

Respect accreditation expires 09/02/2024.

The Lifeline Programme is a cognitive behavioural therapeutic intervention for addressing violent and abusive behaviours within relationships. It is a programme for men who have some acknowledgement that their behaviour is causing a concern to their partners or themselves.

Telephone: 0300 123 5101

Probation Board Northern Ireland - Positive Relationships Programme (Northern Ireland)

Respect accreditation expires 06/12/2024.

The Promoting Positive Relationships Programme is an innovative programme designed for men who have demonstrated the potential to be abusive in intimate partner relationships, and whose children are determined to be at risk by Social Services. The programme is delivered by Probation Board Northern Ireland in partnership with local Health and Social Care Trusts and Women’s Aid partners. This services does not take self-referred clients. 

Telephone: (028) 9052 2522 

Phoenix DAS - Phoenix Respect Programme (Gwent, Wales)

Respect accreditation renewal in progress.

Phoenix Programme is open to any perpetrators of domestic abuse including female perpetrators and those in same sex relationships. Phoenix DAS is delivered 1-1 or, where suitable, in groups. There is a charge for use of the service, but this can sometimes be covered through grants and/or local authority spot purchase arrangements.

Telephone: 01495 291202 Email:[email protected]

relate logo

Relate Coventry & Warwickshire - Choose 2 Change (Coventry and Wiltshire)

Respect accreditation expires 08/11/2025.

Choose to Change (C2C) is a community, intimate partner, Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme. This is a 21-week programme for men and women which is a moderate-intensity behavioural change programme for adults. The intervention supports DA perpetrators to improve their understanding of DA as well as theirs and their partner’s personal experiences, whilst aiding the development of the thinking processes, and provision of skills and techniques to improve and have respectful relationships. An important part of the programme is a Parallel Support Service provision for the partners or ex-partners to ensure we work towards reducing harm to victims and children and take a coordinated approach to safeguarding. 

Tel: 02476 225863 Email: [email protected]

Relate Cymru - Choose2Change (Flint, Llandudno & Wrexham, Wales)

This organisation is pursuing the renewal of its Respect accreditation.

Choose2Change programme is an intervention that includes an assessment for suitability and is delivered over approximately six months, across Wales.  The programme includes a variety of modules from ‘Power & Control’, ‘What is Abuse?’ and ‘Sexual Respect’ via a structured motivational programme. 

Telephone: 0300 003 2340 Email: [email protected]

Choose 2 Change logo

Relate Dorset and South Wiltshire - Choose 2 Change (Dorset and Wiltshire)

Choose2Change is a service to increase the safety of victims of domestic abuse through working with the male perpetrator. The service works with male perpetrators in a group setting via webcam workshops.

Phone: 01305 897432 Mobile: 07915 037943 Email[email protected]

RISE Mutual CIC - Safe Relationships (London)

Respect accreditation expires 24/08/2024.

‘Safe Relationships’ is a domestic abuse perpetrator programme aimed at changing behaviour and attitudes and helps participants to achieve a better understanding of why they use violence and aggression in their relationships, and to identify better ways to deal with their problems.

Telephone: 07495 099694 Email: [email protected]

SMT - SMT Drive (Cardiff and Rhondda Cynon Taff)

Respect accreditation expires 24/08/2024.

The Drive intervention challenges and changes the behaviour of high-harm, high-risk and serial perpetrators of abuse.

Telephone: 01685 353999 Email: [email protected]


SMT- Driving Change (Cardiff & The Vale areas, Cwm Taff Morgannwg areas)

Respect accreditation expires 08/11/2025.

Driving Change is an intensive Behavioural Change programme for adult males who reside in one of areas covered by the programme. The purpose of the programme is to challenge and support individuals who are motivated to cease their violent/abusive behaviour within intimate relationships to become more responsible and loving individuals.

Cardiff: Gaynor Edwards: [email protected] or 07909649768

Cwm Taff Morgannwg: Karl Hazzard: [email protected] or 07535434166


SMT - SMT Family Programme (Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taff)

Respect accreditation expires 24/08/2024.

SMT's Family Programme supports non-high-risk families experiencing domestic abuse who wish to remain together.

Telephone: 01685 353999 Email: [email protected]

Swansea Domestic Abuse Hub – Equilibrium Healthy Relationship Programme (Swansea)

Respect accreditation expires 20/09/2024.

As part of the Hubs services, we offer perpetrators support in making positive changes and developing healthy relationship skills and attitudes through the Equilibrium Programme. The service targets standard to medium risk behaviours, and works alongside the Drive Swansea project. The programme uses a strength focused approach to support people in identifying their own goals, and developing skills, tools and strategies to achieve these personal targets

Telephone: 01792 635400 Email: [email protected]

Strength to Change (Hull)

Respect accreditation expires 03/11/2023. Renewal in progress.

The Strength to Change service is for men who are concerned about their violence and abuse in their intimate relationships. This initiative is led by NHS Hull and is aimed primarily at enhancing the safety of women and children while giving men an opportunity to change their behaviour. 

Helpline telephone: 01482 613403  

Talk, Listen, Change (TLC) - Bridging to Change (Manchester, Stockport and Salford)

Respect accreditation expires 06/12/2024.

The Bridging to Change Programme is a Domestic Abuse Prevention Programme with Integrated Partner support Service. It is a long-term behaviour change programme for men who are abusive towards their intimate partners and/or ex-partners. 

Telephone: 0161 872 1100 option 3  Email: [email protected] 

Threshold - Choices Behavioural Programme (Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire & Powys)

Respect accreditation expires 11/05/2023. Renewal in progress.

Threshold-DAS operates the Choices Behavioural Programme, a 35 week programme open to men from the age of 18.  Through the use of individual assessment and group work sessions, the programme aims to support long term positive change in men who have identified abusive behaviours.

Telephone: 01554 752 422 Email[email protected]

Turning the Spotlight - Victim Support Cumbria (Cumbria)

Respect accreditation expires 03/11/2023.

Turning the Spotlight offer support to couples or individuals with or without children who have offended or are at risk of offending and causing harm. They provide a package of interventions including a 12 session healthy relationships programme, 7 session partner programme and 4 sessions parenting programme.

Telephone: 07919393311

WomenCentre - The Bradford Maze (Bradford)

Respect accreditation expires 09/02/2024.

The Bradford Maze is a 26 week group intervention delivered in Bradford for men resident in the city.  

Telephone: 0808 2800 999 

Yorkshire Children’s Centre - Domestic Abuse Prevention Programme (Kirklees)

Respect accreditation expires 16/02/2025.

The centre's Domestic Abuse Prevention Programme (DAPP) is a groupwork behaviour change programme working with male perpetrators of domestic abuse, to help them take accountability for their actions, understand the impact that their abuse has upon both survivors and children and gain the tools and skills to ensure future healthy relationships. They provide an integrated support service to current and ex partners to ensure they achieve their main goal, the safety and welfare of survivors of domestic abuse.

Telephone: 0300 8000074  Email: [email protected]

Services accredited for work with male victims

Calan DVS - The Compass Programme (Wales)

Respect accreditation expires 06/12/2024.

The Compass Programme supports male victims to share their experiences as part of a safe and supportive group programme.

Telephone: 01639 794448 Email: [email protected]

Equation - Domestic Abuse Service for Men (Nottingham and Nottinghamshire)

Respect accreditation expires 6 May 2026

We support men aged 16 years and over living in Nottingham city, and men aged 18 years and over living in Nottinghamshire county. We work with all sexualities, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds and our support is provided by a dedicated team of qualified Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVAs) and Support Workers. 

Helpline: 0800 9956 999  (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9.30am – 4.30pm, and Weds 9.30am - 7.30pm) 

Email: [email protected]

Stori Logo

Stori – Male DV Victim Floating Support (Swansea and Torfaen)

Respect accreditation expires 16 May 2026

We offer advice, support, and guidance to male victims of domestic violence for up to 2 years.  The service operates on a hybrid model, putting the individual’s need, safety, and preference first.  A designated Support Worker helps individuals with their needs to ensure they learn to live independently and start a new chapter – whether it be accessing the right benefits, learning tenancy, family advice, being safe, or access to other organisations for progression.

Swansea: Tel: (01792) 345751/50 Email: [email protected]

Torfaen: Tel: 07887931752 Email: [email protected]

Respect is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1141636, in Scotland, number SC051284 and a company, number 7582438. Registered address: VAI Second Floor, 200a Pentonville Road, London N1 9JP
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